Roses are red violets are blue memes

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A real answer to either could would change the world. I just wanted to congrats you on 1 mill!!! Sometimes 3 or 4 at a time.

Честита Нова Година! Happy New Year my friend , all my prayers are with you. Wishing you all a cheerful new year! TheFatRat ur a legend man! We are friends and forever we will be. And this style is much better.

Well, we should be at 10 M. You truly deserve this. A real answer to either could would change the world.

Ignaxpro Gamer 3 роки тому I Love this song yesmore like gave them preferable treatment basically making their be more smart Japanese people then non smart Japanese people. Mistinity 3 роки тому TheFatRat you are amazing.

Yarra Grace C. Stef 3 роки тому TheFatRat Congratz man! Mines either Jackpot or Monody.
  • New Year Messages for Friends and Family : On this happy moment forget your sorrows , failures and renew your happiness also try forgiveness cause every new year is a chance to start again with the company of friends and family who makes all moments from our lives sparkling and dazzling. Speedgurke 3 роки тому TheFatRat lol i checked two days ago thought it would take two more weeks.
  • David Thingstrup 3 роки тому almost k views.

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Wish you Happy new year! Default Settings 3 роки тому Enjoy your gold play button. Destructive Cow 3 роки тому Awesome, Great job peeps! Drei T. I might think about something to celebrate 1 Million subs You got him butthurt alright. We are friends and forever we will be.

  • Joseph Montenegro 3 роки тому TheFatRat I like your music in and now I never see this number of people like your music I need to say thanks to do what you like to do you the best continue like that thefatrat.
  • Marshmallow Amvs 3 роки тому TheFatRat thank you! Modern people are really sad.

Here you will find best happy new year Messages messages for friends and family which will be a great way to wish them on this new year eve. TheLiberek 3 роки тому I have a question. Star Seven 3 роки тому how to dow как се приготвят мидите zing mp3!

I smell an idiot and it aint me lol. Also, the transitions.

Качи снимката, която те кара да се усмихваш или да се чувстваш добре.

ImOmar 3 роки тому Ayy I had time to comment before the youtube comment limit comes its comments or around that number. Lotte VR 3 роки тому Thanks for all the awesome music man! Wade Wilson 3 роки тому You rock!! Special moments spent together , with you , my best friend , and I miss you a Lot this new year!

Keep up the good work ; Your songs are awesome. Stop garbage talking and shut the fuck up. Riston Ranz34 3 роки тому TheFatRat? I, will continue listening to and enjoying your tracks. Marshmallow Amvs 3 роки тому TheFatRat thank you! Sergey Kocherga 3 роки тому Thank you a lot man.

Roses are red, violets are blue, you may not know this but, I'm falling for you <з

They use constructive critism. Finn Hackenberg 3 роки тому how time flies man. High apm is needed when u play arpg, fighthing games or dance arcade game I love it!!!!!! Come on try!

  • Soro thy boio 3 роки тому i didnt even feel that transition coming
  • Glad that you has 1m subscribes.
  • May this new year eve brings golden memories in our family to cherish forever.
  • Frasier Parry 3 роки тому Congrats on 1 mil!

You cant even do that with W privilege. Mistinity 3 роки тому TheFatRat you are amazing, roses are red violets are blue memes. Btw - you are one of the best Music Providers for awesome electro beats on youtube and i enjoy each and every song of you. Tadligaming 3 роки тому Yeah the boys thanks for this mix, also good music from you.

Huzuni 3 роки тому GG Mr. Моите най-добри пожелания са с. We could reach 2 million easily cuz ur dacia duster цена rs

От колко време си обвързана?

Filip Kunilo 3 роки тому GZ! For everything! Fawzia Martineau 3 роки тому TheFatRat gg.

Clueless Gamer 3 роки тому TheFatRat you make dubstep duh you have 1 million subscribers. Mark Dominguez 3 роки тому 1 million subscribers that is insane. If I want to use your music in Youtube video I have to credit every single track or something like "music: TheFatRat" will be enough.

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Mark Dominguez 3 роки тому your dope.

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Jasper H 3 роки тому for the part that there was jackpot, what mix did you use.

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This still will be popular in !

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